The barstool funding for cities and states that do not want to see marijuana legalization go to the federal government, according to a recent report by the RPA.

RPA President and CEO Mark Warner said in a statement to Fox Sports that his organization’s work in cities, states, and communities that do have marijuana legalisation will “enhance the RPD’s work and help to bring about positive change for all Americans.”

“Barstool will continue to support states and communities in this effort through our RPA membership and through our partnership with the RCP, which will help promote and promote a more tolerant and accepting society,” Warner said.

“We look forward to working with cities and other stakeholders in our efforts to achieve this goal.”

The report found that the state of California and three cities in the District of Columbia supported marijuana legalization.

In Massachusetts, four cities — including Boston — supported legalization.

The RPA’s work also will benefit states where recreational marijuana use has been legal.

The RCP said it was looking forward to meeting with the state leaders to discuss how the RPPP could be used to fund efforts in these states.

“The RPPH is an essential tool for states, municipalities, and others to help their citizens realize the potential of marijuana legalization,” said RCP President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Gunn.

“The RPD is looking forward for an opportunity to work together to ensure the RDPH is utilized to support and promote legalization initiatives that are in the best interests of the people of these states.”

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