Gamestop is taking its gaming business to the next level with a new website aimed at tourists and gamblers. is the latest venture from the company, which also operates online video game stores.

Gamers can book travel for up to $100 per day and use the website to book hotel stays for up $150 per night.

It also lets gamers log in with their email address and check availability.

There’s no word on when this site will launch, but says it is already available for sale at Best Buy and

It is also available for pre-order at for $299.99.

The company says it plans to expand its gamestop network throughout the year. and have teamed up to offer travelers free access to their own gaming machines, which will allow customers to play online or in-person with a virtual partner.

In addition to the games, the two companies are offering free gift cards, gift cards for travel, gift vouchers, and gift certificates for games and other online services.

Games can be bought on, or in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

The gamestops website includes information on how to access all the gaming services, such as gaming stations, gaming headsets, and gaming consoles.

Gamiestop’s gamestopping platform will be available for purchase at the company’s stores beginning on March 15, with a grand opening expected in April.

The website says it was created “to help gamestoppers get the most bang for their buck.”

The site is available for free, and Gamers Club members can also use the site to book room and board for up the $300 they’ll need for a weekend trip.

The site also offers a special coupon for that offers 10% off hotel stays.

“Gamestop offers a full range of gaming services from gaming stations to gaming consoles, gaming accessories, and more,” the company said.

“With our unique combination of services, we can offer gamers the best gaming experiences, while giving them the freedom to play any type of game, anywhere, at anytime.”

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