FourFourSeconds ago, I wrote about the Fiduciary Fund, which has been attracting the most attention in the bond market as of late.

Its annual return is around 7%.

That is, according to Fidelity’s annual filings with the SEC, it earns 5.6% per year.

That is great, but not as good a return as some of its competitors. 

However, if you want to know how much a stock returns from year to year, it’s easy to use a stock’s performance on a yearly basis.

For example, let’s say that in 2017, the stock is up 7.7%. 

That means the fund would earn 7.8% per annum. 

In contrast, the Vanguard fund would be up 5.8%. 

The Vanguard fund also has a number of other features that are often overlooked by investors. 

First, it has a lot more assets than other mutual funds.

The fund has more than 5,000 funds in total, compared to the average of 2,600 assets in the Vanguard.

Second, there is a minimum fund requirement of $25,000 per fund, which is much higher than most other mutual fund offerings. 

Third, the fund also charges a fee that can be higher than that of most other offerings.

For instance, the annual fee for the Vanguard Fund is 0.25%. 

Fourth, Fidelity has more flexible terms that can allow it to offer a lower fee to its investors, including a 30-day grace period for withdrawals. 

Fifth, the fees for the FIDUCIARY fund are usually lower than those of other mutual-fund offerings, which means that investors can get the best return from their investments. 

Sixth, Fiducia’s return is based on a combination of a fund’s performance over a set period of time and a basket of assets that include the entire portfolio.

That means that the fund can provide a more consistent performance over time than a traditional fund that requires investors to invest in multiple funds. 

For more information on Fidelity, check out their website and watch this video. 

Check out this article for more on investing.

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