When I was a young trader, the best investment advice I could get was to buy hedge funds.

After all, it was just what everyone else was doing.

But after decades of watching the world burn, I’ve come to understand that the best hedge fund managers aren’t all that common.

Instead, the world’s best hedge funds are often more like stockbrokers, who, unlike their more famous counterparts, are largely responsible for the value of their stocks.

They’re often just average investors, like me.

And they’re often highly successful, too.

The best hedge-fund managers are also generally better at what they do.

In fact, they’re better at things that most other people would call boring, like investing in companies that aren’t at all likely to go public.

In other words, they know what’s important.

So, when they do their jobs well, they can earn their keep.

And these are not the only hedge-funded managers you’ll find.

In addition to the world-class hedge fund professionals who dominate the landscape, there are also some of the most innovative hedge fund firms.

These firms have developed some of our favorite strategies over the years, and they’ve helped propel our economy through a great many ups and downs.

Here’s what you need to know about some of these world-renowned hedge fund experts.1.

Michael Green, the mastermind behind the most successful hedge fund in history2.

Michael Perutz, founder of the hedge fund hedge fund company that bears his name3.

Steve Batey, a hedge fund manager with more than a billion dollars in assets4.

James Simons, a founder of hedge fund and hedge fund management company Cushman & Gray5.

James Gorman, a former executive at the hedge funds that fund and the investment firm that manages their assets6.

Daniel Kranz, a partner at the private equity firm Blackstone Group7.

James Lonsdale, a founding partner of the investment fund firm KKR8.

James Bock, the chairman of the Blackstone-backed fund firm Blackrock9.

Steve Rader, a leading investor in hedge funds and the hedge- funds that invest in them10.

Charles Schwab, the founder of Schwab ETFs.11.

Peter Lynch, the CEO of the private-equity firm BlackRock12.

James Schacht, a co-founder of the mutual fund firm Fortress Investment Group13.

Bill Gross, the former CEO of hedge funds BlackRock and Fidelity14.

James Goldsmith, the managing director of BlackRock15.

Michael Arrington, a major investor in the hedge firm Black Rock Capital Partners.16.

Jefferies analyst Michael Pachter, a professor of finance at the University of Pennsylvania.17.

Mark Grossman, a veteran hedge fund investor and former chairman of Fidelity Investments.18.

Stephen Bogle, the co-author of the best-selling book The Wisdom of Crowds and co-chair of the board of directors of Vanguard Group.19.

Larry Swedroe, the executive vice president of the financial services industry for JPMorgan Chase.20.

Paul Tudor Jones, an entrepreneur and founder of Twitter.21.

David Einhorn, a senior partner at Cushmans.22.

Tom Gorman and Robert Shiller, who are among the world.most famous hedge fund fund managers.23.

Michael A. Schoenfeld, the chief investment officer at CitiGroup.24.

Paul Singer, the head of Berkshire Hathaway and the founder and chief executive of hedge- fund firm Singer Capital25.

Paulson &amp: Meyer Lansky, the legendary hedge fund kingpin and investor.26.

Steve Cohen, a longtime hedge fund owner and cofounder of hedge firms Blackstone and SAC Capital.27.

Bill Ackman, the investor and CEO of Pershing Square Capital, a firm that invests in hedge fund companies and the rest of the world28.

Tom Stemberger, the director of the National Association of Securities Dealers29.

Charles Munger, who founded Berkshire Hathaways hedge fund.30.

Jeffrey Gundlach, the renowned venture capitalist and the cofounder and chief investment strategist of Sequoia Capital.31.

Jeffrey Skoll, the owner of hedge and hedge- Fund companies and a founder and chairman of Stifel Nicolaus.32.

Daniel Loeb, who is a leading financial writer, author and investor, as well as a venture capitalist.33.

Michael Dell, the company founder, and former CEO, of Dell Technologies.34.

Michael Milken, the venture capitalist who founded and runs hedge funds Fidelity and Renaissance Technologies.35.

Warren Buffett, the billionaire who built his fortune in investing, investing in stocks, and buying and selling companies.36.

Andrew Liveris, the biochemist who founded Liveris Research Laboratories, which is responsible for discovering, developing, and commercializing the first

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