A group of donors is hoping to raise $50 million to fund the Gaza access fund.

The $50-million project is being developed by the Gaza Solidarity Fund, which was established in 2007 and has since grown into a humanitarian aid and reconstruction fund that has been used to provide medical assistance to millions of Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

In addition to the fund, which has been in operation since the collapse of the Israeli-Egyptian occupation of the West Bank in 2007, the fund has provided $5 million in scholarships for students from Gaza and $1 million for the construction of Gaza’s only road.

The fund was set up to provide Gaza’s inhabitants with financial support during periods of severe financial hardship, including the Israeli occupation.

Its aim is to help rebuild Gaza’s infrastructure and rebuild the livelihoods of the nearly two million Palestinians living in the territory.

The project was announced by Hamas’ political bureau in an email to supporters on Tuesday, saying that the group’s fundraising campaign would begin on August 1.

It added that it would be using the fund to build a bridge connecting Gaza with the West African nation of Benin and other countries in Africa.

“We have launched the fundraising campaign to build this bridge.

Our aim is that the funds raised from the fundraising campaigns will go towards the reconstruction of the infrastructure of Gaza,” said Ahmed Yousuf, a spokesperson for Hamas’ Political Bureau.

He added that the campaign would be funded by donors and the group would make every effort to help raise funds to rebuild Gaza.

“The project will be launched in order to ensure that the Palestinian people can enjoy a dignified life in the future,” Yousuff said.

According to Yousaff, the fundraising initiative would provide for building a road, providing medical aid to Gaza’s 1.7 million residents, and repairing and rebuilding roads in the Strip.

Hamas’ political body also said the project was part of the political and social education program aimed at rebuilding Gaza’s economy.

The Gaza Solidary Fund was founded by Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, who had previously been the head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, the group said.

In 2015, Meshael announced that he would not seek a second term in office in 2018 and would instead seek to run for the presidency.

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