The creators of the popular Vanguards tokens (which are tokens issued by Tiktoks), the U.S. virtual currency and the creator of Tiktoku, have announced plans to launch a fund to help creators build and sustain their business.

Vanguards, the creator-led digital asset platform for creators, will offer $5,000 in seed funding for projects that are at least 25% of their total costs.

Vanguard tokens are a way to help fund the creation of creative content and have been popular for its fast and low fees.

The platform will allow creators to earn a percentage of revenues from each sale of the Vanguers tokens, which will be used to fund their business and fund more creative content.

In a statement, the creators said the fund will be based on the Tiktoko creator token, a crypto-currency that is designed to be used for crowdfunding and other fundraising.

Vaguest tokens, like Tiktolos tokens, have a value of 1 Tiktoken.

The creators plan to use Tiktolo as their primary funding source for their Vanguests.

The creators said in a blog post that the funds will be a “backdoor way” to raise capital for their venture.

The token will also be used as a means to reward creators with Vanguess tokens.

Vaguest’s founders said in the blog post, which is posted on, that the Vaguests token will be the primary funding mechanism for the Tikkotok project.

Vague tokens are designed to help create a digital asset with a low volatility and low trading fees.

Vanguard, the largest U.K.-based fund manager, also announced on Monday that it is looking to support Vanguels token launch.

The fund manager said in an emailed statement that it will support the launch of Vanguel tokens “by supporting the development of an initial offering in the near future.”

Vanguard will invest in Vangues token through a “high-quality venture capital program” with “significant participation from Vanguy token” as well as “investments from a number of other fund partners.”

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