A new Southwest Airlines fund is coming online, with more than $20 million earmarked for travelers affected by the wildfires in Oregon.

The Southwest Travel Fund will support the cost of travel to and from the Southwest’s two airports in Arizona and Utah, with up to $5,000 per person.

The fund will also support flights for up to 150 passengers a day between the airports.

Southwest said the fund will be open to anyone who wants to contribute, including employees, members of the airline’s management team, retirees and others.

The airline said the funds will be used to cover expenses and help meet the needs of its thousands of members, including the families of employees and passengers.

The fund will support travel to or from the two airports, including flights for 150 passengers per day between Arizona and the Utah airport.

The fund, which will be launched this fall, will be the second in a $100 million fund that was created in April to help Southwest deal with the devastating fires in Oregon and Washington.

The funds were designed to provide financial support to people impacted by the fires.

The first Southwest Travel fund was established in 2014 to provide travel assistance to Southwest employees and their families, including people who had been displaced from their homes due to the wildfires.

The money will be spent on flights to and through the affected areas.

In 2016, Southwest Airlines launched the Southwest Airline Relief Fund, which allows individuals to contribute to the airline by making contributions online and in-person at a maximum of $25,000.

That fund was set to expire in 2021, but was extended for two years, until Nov. 30, 2022.

Sylvia Jones, Southwest’s president and chief financial officer, said that in 2019, the airline received about $7 billion in disaster assistance.

The agency was able to use the funds to provide relief for airline employees and families, as well as for other needs.

“We continue to offer the support of a dedicated and dedicated team of volunteers, who have been doing so for more than a year now, to help us through this very difficult time,” Jones said in a statement.

Southwest also has created a travel fund to help people in need from the Midwest region, including Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota and North Dakota.

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