2/1/16 – 2:35:43 Milan, the reigning Serie A champions, were ranked the most highly-valued company in the world by a panel of top fund managers.

The panel was comprised of three international players and four experts from outside of the sport.

The list of top 100 investment managers on the planet was compiled by research firm BDO.

The Italian champions had a record value of $7.1 billion and were ranked No. 1 by BDO’s annual survey of over 100,00 companies, with the company also ranking first in the US, second in France and third in Germany.

The study found that the Bianconeri are valued at $7,200 billion by the world’s largest fund managers, with only four other teams in the league ranking above them at a valuation of $6 billion or higher.

The top five Italian teams are AC Milan, Juventus, AC Milan and Napoli.

Milan are valued with a market capitalisation of $17.3 billion.

They are followed by Paris Saint-Germain at $16.7 billion, Paris St-Gémez at $14.6 billion, AC Roma at $11.6 bn and Atalanta at $10.7 bn.

The Italian club is valued at a market cap of $15.6 Billion.

The report also found that Milan is valued in the top five companies in Italy.

The most-valued Italian team is Lazio at $8.7 Billion, followed by AC Milan at $6.5 billion, Atalante at $5.8 billion, Milan Bicentenario at $4.8 bn, Milan Genoa at $3.4 billion and Milan Utd at $2.7billion.

The survey also showed that Milan and AC Milan were the two highest-valued Serie A clubs in the last five years, followed closely by AC Lazio and AC Napoli, who are currently the second-highest-valued teams in Italy at $1.9 billion each.

The Bianconero outfit have the highest value in the region at $22.6bn, followed in third place by AC Utd, second-ranked Atalanto at $19.1bn and Milan Bisca at $18.5bn.

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