Gabbelli Funds, a hedge funds firm that invests in hedge funds, has become a key asset class for the Christie’s family’s business empire, according to new filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Gabbellis assets have risen by an average of nearly $600 million annually since 2010, according the filings with regulators.

In its latest annual filing with the SEC, Gabbella said it had about $2.3 million in assets in the second quarter of 2017.

In a separate filing, Gammellis said its assets have increased by about $1 million annually.

In both filings, the firm cited the impact of “the global economic downturn, a reduction in the value of global currencies and other economic conditions,” as factors in its surge in assets.

Gammella has been a major player in the financial markets since the 1980s, when the family founded it, and it is one of the world’s biggest funds.

Gaggiels assets, however, have grown faster than its competitors over the past decade, and the firm is now worth about $8.7 billion, the filings show.

Gannelli’s assets include a portfolio of private-equity firms, a private- equity hedge fund and a hedge-fund management company.

They include holdings in companies such as American Express, Citigroup, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, General Motors and Verizon.

The firm has said it is focused on “focusing on value-added businesses that are more competitive, have better growth prospects and better long-term prospects.”

In a statement, Gannellis chief executive officer John Gannella said the firm’s investments are “consistent with our long-standing belief that value-adding is an increasingly important and important part of our business model.”

Gannelle said his family is “disappointed” in the SEC’s decision and will appeal it.

“We are disappointed by the SEC decision and intend to appeal,” he said.

Gagliels filing with regulators came days after the Securities & Exchange Commission issued a public notice saying that Gabbello funds assets had more than doubled over the last decade.

Gabelli Funds filed its first public SEC filing in May 2017, saying that it had $4.1 billion in assets and had “increased investments by more than $800 million since the beginning of 2018.”

Gabbelis filings showed a total of $4,624,836 in assets at the end of February, up about $6.9 million from the end March.

Gafelli Investments, which was founded by the Gannells in 2002, has $2 billion in the fund, according its latest quarterly report.

Its assets have more than quadrupled since the firm launched its investment strategy in 2003, the company said in a recent filing.

Gaccini & Periglione, a New York hedge fund, said it has a total assets of about $5 billion, up nearly $2 million from March.

The company has more than tripled in value since the end 2016, according an SEC filing.

The filing with Securities & Exchanges Commission shows Gaccelli funds assets are up $876 million in the past year, from about $600,000 to $1 billion.

Gaffei Investments, another New York-based hedge fund with $2,872 million in total assets, also filed a SEC filing on Tuesday.

The fund said it grew by $735 million since 2015, from $3.6 billion to $7.2 billion.

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