In 2018, the Vanguard Group of Funds was the fund that raised the most funds, with $1.4 billion raised.

That was followed by the Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund, with a whopping $1,966 million raised.

The Vanguard ETFs were also on top of the pile, with more than $1 billion raised each.

But the fund investing community was not as bullish on the Vanguard ETF as some other analysts had expected.

The fund was at the bottom of the heap when it comes to average return.

In a market that was dominated by high-frequency traders, the average return of a Vanguard ETF was just 0.8%.

Vanguard was able to raise a hefty $1 million from a large fund management company to get it going.

This led to a surge in its stock price in the wake of the release of the annual report.

However, investors are likely not seeing the same gains in their funds that they were expecting.

The ETFs fund has been one of the worst performers of the year.

As of the end of March, the fund was losing nearly $1 a share.

The firm also struggled to meet market expectations.

The market’s expectations for a return of 4.2% have not been met.

For many investors, this was a significant concern, but that is not the case with many of the funds that are the focus of this article.

Vanguard Total stock market fund was one of those funds.

Vanguard funds average return was 2.4%.

This was a big disappointment for many investors.

Investors could see that the fund’s average return has been below the 2.5% that many people expected.

Vanguard was hoping that its fund would outperform the market by the end, but it has failed to do so.

The company has also failed to raise any significant amounts in the past three years.

That is disappointing for investors.

The funds average annual return was 1.6%.

Vanguard is not a fund that you would want to put money into.

Investors should consider investing in an ETF that is a good performer in the short-term, or one that has a more steady track record.

Vanguard has had trouble raising money for a while now.

The mutual fund is one of several that have failed to make a profit.

The largest fund, Vanguard Total, has been the worst performer of the past year.

The investment firm is struggling to make money.

The average annual loss of Vanguard Total over the past two years was $923 million.

The most recent performance report for the fund showed a loss of $1bn in the third quarter of 2018.

Vanguard shares fell 4% in after hours trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Vanguard said it is focusing on its growth and earnings, which have been strong for years.

The stock price of the fund has also increased, so that it is a more attractive investment for investors willing to make bigger bets.

Vanguard did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The performance of the Vanguard fund is in stark contrast to the performance of other funds.

While the Vanguard funds performance was better than expected, it was still not a good performance for investors hoping to see a return on their investment.

Investors are also frustrated that they have to pay more than their fair share of taxes when they have invested in Vanguard funds.

The government of New York is supposed to reimburse investors who have invested at least $5,000 in Vanguard shares in the first five years of their investment, which is now about $8,000.

The amount is higher for funds that have been active for more than five years.

Investors will have to take more out of their retirement savings in order to pay for the taxes owed by their Vanguard funds, according to a report by the Committee on Taxation and Economic Policy.

Vanguard’s performance has also put pressure on other funds to invest in the company.

The total market cap of the largest funds is $24.5 trillion.

The next largest is the Vanguard mutual fund, with total market capitalization at $23.4 trillion.

Vanguard is the largest fund in the world, with an annualized return of 6.9%.

The Vanguard Total fund is the second largest fund and it has a total market value of $6.2 trillion.

Investors in the funds are also encouraged to put more money into other funds in order for them to gain returns on their investments.

Vanguard investors have had to pay taxes on their money for the past four years, and the fund is now on track to be the highest taxed fund in history.

That has prompted some people to leave the fund altogether.

Vanguard also recently launched an exchange-traded fund, which would let investors trade securities with the US government.

The first funds to join this new fund are the Vanguard Fund and Vanguard Total Fund.

Investors can trade securities through the exchange traded fund, and can buy and sell ETFs, according the Vanguard website.

The index funds that investors can use to trade ETFs are

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