The actor, whose real name is Charles Hirsch, was a former professional wrestler who spent years trying to turn his life around.

He says that’s the reason he’s now working to help others get clean.

He’s the founder of the “Sugar Rush” campaign and says it’s the only way to get clean for other people.

He’s the guy who is not ashamed of being a drug addict.

So I think it’s a very good thing for everybody in the world to be clean.

It’s just that we’ve got to work together to do it.

We know there are drugs in the water, and we know that people don’t want to get high, and that’s why we’ve put a great effort into making sure we’re bringing this to the surface.

I’m not saying we should be a drug kingpin.

But if we can help people get clean, then that’s good.

I don’t think we should do it on our own.

SugarRayMae, who says she’s not a drug user herself, says that she’s seen many people who have used substances go through tough times and that those people have always been able to overcome their issues.

But SugarRay says he thinks there’s a lot more to addiction than the drugs.

If I can help a person get clean and turn their life around, then I feel like I’ve done my job.

I’ve gotten them clean, and I’ve got a clean home, and my family is happy, and now I can go back to being a normal person.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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