The Vanguard fund company has a problem: Its founders are gone.

It’s a fact that investors can’t help but acknowledge, even though there’s a lot to like about the fund’s recent performances.

The company is not a typical fund: It is not managed by a manager or a board, nor is it a mutual fund.

Instead, the fund is managed by Vanguard and Vanguard manages its own funds.

So what is Vanguard’s problem?

A lot of people assume that because Vanguard’s portfolio is managed to a certain degree by Vanguard, it must be well managed.

In reality, it’s not.

In its most recent quarter, Vanguard reported $7.2 billion in net assets, an increase of $1.3 billion from the same quarter last year.

But those gains have come despite the fact that Vanguard’s overall net assets declined 3% in the quarter.

And while that decline might seem insignificant, it means Vanguard’s average portfolio has lost about 8% of its value in the last two years.

That is bad news for investors.

Vanguard’s CEO, James Simons, told investors that his fund’s losses are a result of “the fact that we haven’t made investments that are consistent with our long-term strategy.”

Vanguard’s management is not always good.

The fund has lost money for the last five years.

In 2011, the company’s chief investment officer, Scott Rutter, resigned over what he saw as a lack of investment discipline, according to an SEC filing.

Rutter left the fund after just four months in the job.

Simons was replaced by John C. McGraw, a former investment advisor and former investment banker who served in the Bush administration.

But even after Rutter’s departure, McGraw’s portfolio performance is not stellar.

McGrew was the firm’s chief financial officer and also ran the portfolio’s investment banking division.

When asked about McGraw after he left, Simons told reporters, “I do not feel that I can recommend anyone.”

Simons has said that the fund has been doing well despite the losses, and he has also said that he has “no plans” to resign.

In addition, McGrew has said in the past that he would continue to serve as a Vanguard fund manager.

But he has been a vocal critic of Vanguard’s board.

McGraig told investors in March that the board was a “mess” and said that if he were an investor he would not trust the fund.

“I don’t believe in board seats,” McGraigs statement said.

“Vanguard does not have a good board.

And the fact of the matter is, I’m not going to be the board.”

That statement was met with skepticism from investors, many of whom said they would be wary of the fund being held by McGraige.

Investors also criticized the fund for making a few mistakes.

Last month, the Vanguard board approved a new, more stringent standard for managing Vanguard funds, which requires Vanguard to invest less in low-quality, high-risk investments and more in the most diversified funds, including funds with high fees and high returns.

That change was met by an outcry from investors.

The new rule will force Vanguard to allocate more money to less-quality investments, and will require it to invest more in more diversified investments, according, to The Wall Street Journal.

“The way it was written, the rules didn’t make a lot of sense,” said Scott Hensch, chief investment strategist at TD Ameritrade.

“It was a way for them to get a little more revenue from high-quality companies, which is great for the industry.

But if you look at the long-run performance, the long run is what matters.”

That’s not the only problem with the fund: While McGraigers portfolio has improved, he has not yet returned all the money he invested in it.

That’s because he has no plans to return the money, according the Wall Street, New York, Times, and USA Today.

That means he is not contributing to the fund and his portfolio is still underperforming.

“He’s a risk taker and he’s a fund owner, and so he is going to keep putting money in the fund,” said Robert L. Gensler, chief executive officer of the Chicago-based mutual fund industry’s largest group, the American Funds Association.

The Vanguard fund’s management team is also not a good fit for investors: It relies on Vanguard’s top managers to manage its portfolio.

“If you’re a small investor, and you want to know how to invest, and what Vanguard invests, you’re not going have to trust the Vanguard portfolio to the best investment people,” said Genslers son, Matt, who manages a Vanguard funds in New York.

“They’re all too quick to tell you to trust a guy who’s a board member or a manager.

The best investment decisions in Vanguard’s portfolios are made by

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