A plan to give money to people in parenthood to help cover expenses is being considered by the federal government, with the focus on a family’s basic needs.

Under the proposed plan, families would receive a lump sum of up to $1,000, and those with incomes below $25,000 would get $200.

People who work in the workforce would receive an additional $200 and those on low incomes would get an additional up to 10 per cent of their income.

There are a number of issues that need to be resolved, said Health Minister Jane Philpott.

I’m aware there are some people who are opposed to this plan.

I understand that.

I do want to see this proposal through.

I would like to see it approved, because it will help families and it will also help reduce the strain on the public purse, said Philpot.

The $1 million funding would go toward providing financial assistance for children who need help paying for childcare. 

I want to make sure that we’re not taking advantage of people who can’t make ends meet, she said. 

The federal government is also exploring a family assistance program to give a portion of a couple’s income to a family. 

There is an issue that I know that we have to work through, said Minister of Public Safety Rob Nicholson.

We have to ensure that families are able to survive, he said.

There are some families that are going to have a hard time.

We need to do everything we can to help those families, said Nicholson.

This is an important issue for Canadians, he added.

What’s behind the proposal?

The Government of Canada is proposing to establish a family support program that would provide funding for children and parents in need, including parents of young children.

The program would be available to those who live in rural areas and those who have incomes of $25-50,000 a year.

The proposed program would apply to all Canadians and not just low-income earners.

There would also be support for families who live with children, who are aged two or under, and families who are not working. 

Currently, families living in remote areas do not have access to financial assistance.

Why is it important?

This proposal will help the very poorest Canadians, said NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair.

I don’t want to be seen as a soft on parenthood, but this is an attempt to help families in a difficult situation, said Mulcair.

It will also be a great thing for the Canadian economy, because this will be a big part of our plan, he continued.

I believe in providing support for those who need it, said Harper, who has already indicated that he will sign the bill into law.

“It will not only help the poor families who don’t have access, it will give us a lot of flexibility as to what we can do to help our poor neighbours,” he said during Question Period. 

A $1.5-billion family support plan was introduced in 2014.

The government is aiming to introduce similar legislation in the next session of Parliament. 

How do I get involved? 

The proposed legislation has not yet been approved by the House of Commons.

It must pass through the Senate before it can become law.

In the meantime, families who need financial assistance should visit the Families in Need website and follow the steps to help them.

How can I find out more? 

Read more about this proposal on the Families In Need website.

Questions and answers: Is this the right thing to do?

When the federal NDP and Conservatives agreed to a Liberal-NDP deal on a $1-billion Family Support Program to help Canadians who are struggling to make ends pay for childcare, there were questions about whether the federal budget would be enough to pay for it.

The Liberal-Conservative government of Justin Trudeau has been spending more than $7 billion a year on family assistance programs, according to the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. 

Is there a family that’s already in trouble?

This is not a new program.

In 2008, then-prime minister Stephen Harper introduced a $3-billion plan to provide financial assistance to families who needed it, but that bill never passed.

Do we have enough money to pay all of this?

Yes, according a report from the National Council of Canadian Governments (NCCH).

Are there other ways to help?

In 2015, the United Nations launched the UN Children’s Fund to provide $10 billion a month in financial assistance, but only about a third of the money has been delivered, according the organization. 

Do I have to pay the GST on my child’s income?

No, but the GST is currently assessed on income that is paid by parents.

The current federal tax system does not apply to the GST, which is applied on income earned by a couple who live together.

Does this plan mean I’ll pay more tax?

Not necessarily, according, according CBC News

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