The National Review Editorial Board has long advocated for “net neutrality” legislation that would prevent internet service providers from blocking or slowing down access to certain sites or services.

The FCC has yet to rule on the issue.

The current version of the bill would allow internet service companies to impose caps on how much they can charge for certain types of content, such as video or music.

The proposal has attracted bipartisan support in Congress and the White House, with some Democrats supporting the measure and others opposed.

It also has bipartisan support from consumer groups and many online companies, including Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Amazon.

But as the FCC prepares to vote on a net neutrality proposal, the panel has also begun considering new proposals to address the issue of net neutrality, including a bill that would prohibit internet service from throttling or blocking lawful content.

The bill has already passed both chambers of Congress.

The legislation, which would be formally introduced as the Federal Communications Commission Act (FCC-A), would prevent the FCC from requiring internet service to treat all traffic equally or from imposing a “pay-to-play” pricing structure.

In a blog post last week, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the bill “would prohibit internet providers from engaging in practices that would impose unfair, discriminatory, or unlawful charges on consumers in exchange for prioritizing their own content over those of their competitors or consumers.”

“This legislation is necessary to protect our open internet, protect consumers from unlawful, abusive, or predatory practices by Internet service providers, and ensure that the FCC has the tools it needs to regulate the internet and ensure fair and competitive competition in the broadband marketplace,” Pai said.

“We will continue to work with Congress to address these important issues, and to strengthen the Commission’s ability to enforce our net neutrality rules.”

Pai has said the FCC will propose new net neutrality protections as soon as it meets next week.

But the FCC is also exploring whether to adopt new rules that would ban pay-to

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