Midland has announced it will commit $7.4 billion in new capital funding to the Midlands Regional Development Agency (MDRDA) as part of a plan to provide $731 million of capital funding over four years to the region.

“Midland is a global leader in renewable energy and the MDRDA has been instrumental in supporting the Midlanders renewable energy development in the state,” MDRADA chief executive Peter Pritchard said in a statement.

“The Midlands MDRADEA will support a robust and sustainable transition to a low-carbon economy, with a focus on renewables and a strong regional role in the transition.”

“This funding will be used to support infrastructure projects that will make the region economically and environmentally resilient, as well as to assist communities and businesses in the region to meet the needs of their residents and businesses,” he said.

Mr Pritchards statement said the Midlander Government has committed to a $7 million commitment to the MDPDA in 2019, which will provide the Midlamboronger Government with an additional $1.8 billion to support its renewable energy strategy, including a $1 million grant to the state’s new Midland Power Station, which has been announced.

“It is vital to the future of the region and Midland that we can continue to build on our successful renewable energy programme and build on the momentum that is building in the community,” Mr Pritchers statement said.

“This new funding will help the MdrDA continue to advance its ambitious renewable energy targets and will help Midlanders achieve a more sustainable and secure future.”‘

We’re going to be a regional powerhouse’ Mr Pitarich said Midland’s MDR DA is now in a position to build upon its successful wind power development programme, which is also under review by the Government.

“We’ve achieved the biggest wind farm in the country, we’re getting the most wind power from the most renewable resource in the world, and we’re going forward with the first wave of the Midlayers Wind Farm,” he told ABC News.

“In just a few short years, we are going to see a significant change in the role of the state in the energy market.

We’re going, in fact, to be an regional powerhouse.”

The Midlander Power Station will provide electricity to Midlaysians on the Midlaner Peninsula, which lies in the Midlang region of the Northern Territory.

Mr Andrews said it was vital that the Midlay Government remained focused on the environment.

“There’s been an emphasis on the development of renewable energy over the last couple of years,” he explained.

“But it’s also been a focus in the State Government on supporting energy efficiency and clean energy and we want to support those areas.”

“We’re in a transition phase with the national transition to renewable energy,” he added.

“So we’re looking at what happens in that transition phase, what happens when the wind blows and the sun shines.”


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