By now, you’ve probably seen the popular medallion of the Knights of St. Francis.

You know the one that comes with a white and blue crest and a crown and a sword?

It’s the one the Knights Of St. Peter wear in the show The Revenant.

But how about a medallions with a little more history?

How about a one with a red heart and a red cross?

The medallion of St John of the Cross is perhaps the most popular of the medallias.

He is depicted with a sword and a cross, and he’s seen in many depictions of the Holy Grail.

The medieval version of the legend goes that John, the brother of Mary Magdalene, was betrayed by the king of Jerusalem.

The king was about to execute him and ordered him to go to the Holy Land to seek a ransom.

So John was sent to Jerusalem, where he found a man who offered to take him back to Jerusalem and save him.

John turned him down and went to the king’s palace to plead his case.

As he was leaving, he saw a cross hanging from the wall and prayed to the God of heaven that he might not be executed.

The man appeared to him and offered him an olive tree.

John thanked him, and after a long prayer, the man offered John a full bowl of bread.

After a short time, the king asked John if he would be willing to swear allegiance to his son John the Baptist, the son of Jesus.

John refused, and the king took him back home.

After hearing this, the King asked John, “Who is that man who is offering me the olive tree?”

The answer was John, and John asked the man to take a bowl of wine from him.

The next day, when he returned to the King’s chamber, he found his son with a bloody wound on his neck and the blade of a sword in his throat.

The King ordered John to bring the body back to him, but John refused and went home.

The other knights of St Peter were all furious at John and refused to swear their allegiance to him.

After this, John left the country and was never seen again.

(He was presumed killed by the Crusaders after the fall of Jerusalem.)

So what about this medallion?

Well, you can see it in a lot of other medieval works.

In fact, we know that the Knights Templar made a medally adorned version of this medallium, and it was made in 1515.

But it was probably more popular than the actual one.

We also know that a medallic medallion was worn by the French knight La Chambre in the 16th century.

That medallion is made from gold and silver and depicts a lion with a horned crown and with a cross in his left hand.

The medallion also features a white ribbon and a white cross.

The gold medallion depicts a white horse and a black horseman with the cross in their right hands.

The silver medallion has the lion with the crown in his right hand, and a ribbon with a gold cross and a silver lion with crown.

It’s quite a medley of medieval symbols, and I would say that it’s the most well known of all the medallic designs.

There are so many different medallies in the medieval world that it would be difficult to list them all.

So I thought I’d do a roundup of them.

First, we have the medallion known as the “Pietà medallion.”

It is one of the most common medieval designs and is one that has been used by every country in the world.

This medallion can be seen in several depictions of Saint Nicholas.

The first of these images was in the painting of the Battle of the Black Sea by Michelangelo, which is dated 1415.

This is the one in the fresco depicting St Nicholas and the Black Eagle, with a lion, eagle, and white dove.

This painting is often referred to as “The Pietà,” and the Pietà is probably one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous works.

Here’s a depiction of the Pieta medallion.

We can see a gold medalliance with a silver cross, as well as a white, rose-tinted ribbon.

The ribbon is also gold and red.

In the image above, we can see the ribbon with the lion’s head, the eagle’s wings, and other symbols.

Next, we see the medallaion known as “St. John medalliam.”

This medallia was a symbol of the Order of the Red Cross.

In addition to the standard cross on a medallaison, the Order also made a blue cross and white and red ribbon with an olive branch and a horn on the ribbon.

In this medallaione, the ribbon is silver and white.

In a later work by Leonardo da Vincenzo, we get a picture of St Nicholas on a red medallaision and a

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