The world is full of people who have no connection with Rothschild banking, but the Rothschild family is still controlling most of the world’s money, writes Robert Pape.

A new report by the World Bank says the family still controls around 70% of world’s banking and credit system.

The World Bank’s Global Financial Stability Network report, which is based on interviews with people around the world, found the Rothschild dynasty controls around $6 trillion in assets, and its controlling interests in the private banking sector amount to about $300 billion.

The Rothschilds have about one-third of the global wealth, but control about 90% of all commercial banks.

The family has always been in control of the big banks, but today it is getting even more powerful, says the report.

“The Rothschilds own the world financial system and have a significant financial presence around the globe, including in countries such as China and India,” it said.

“In the past year, they have been increasingly able to make direct payments to people and institutions that are not directly related to them.”

More than ever before, they are a global financial force and they are poised to exert an increasingly large financial influence over the world economic system.

“The report said the family is “increasingly important in global financial transactions”.

It said the Rothschild’s share of the private sector is now more than 20%, with around $400 billion held by the family and $400 trillion in bank assets, including private bank branches.

It also said the Rothschilds control nearly 90% on the stock market, and that the family controls more than 90% in the stock markets.”

These companies, especially large private companies, are among the world capital markets’ most valuable assets, which they are increasingly acquiring through mergers and acquisitions,” it added.

The report also found that around 70 per cent of the money that runs the world economy is now owned by the Rothschild banking empire, which has the largest financial assets of any family in the world.”

Rothschild’s global reach and influence have grown in recent years and the family has made significant investments in a variety of areas, including financial services, investment banking, technology, finance and media,” it noted.”

With the Rothschild-controlled global banking system now accounting for a significant proportion of the market capitalisation of all global asset classes, it is important to understand the role of the family in this system, and what it is doing to shape and influence it.

“The family’s wealth is estimated at $6,700 billion, but there is much more to it, the report added.

Rothskind has a history of controlling the global economy and it is possible that the Rothschild name may have been one of the first ones used to create this powerful global power.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the director of the New York-based Institute for Advanced Study, said the report is the first time it has looked at the history of Rothschilds.”

This is not the first report that has looked in detail at the Rothschild holdings in the United States, and it’s not the last report that will look at the holdings in other countries,” he told The Times of Israel.”

We are certainly very interested in the role the Rothschild families play in the global economic system.

They are the primary beneficiary of globalization, they dominate the international financial system, they hold most of global wealth and they control more than a third of the international stock markets.

“In the report, the World Economic Forum and the International Monetary Fund say that, from 1970 to 2007, the family controlled about $500 billion in assets.

The Rothsmans have made significant and successful investments in international companies including the oil giant Exxon Mobil and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

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