Fox News host Shepard Smith announced Wednesday that a venture capital fund would be dedicated to funding the Prime Minister’s Health Care Fund.

The fund will help support PMO staff to make decisions about the funding of the PM Care Fund, Smith said.

“There are no easy answers for the PMO, but this is a good way to make sure that we can keep the funding for the fund going,” Smith said on The Blaze.

“The PM Care fund is funded through private funds and we’re hoping that we will be able to help bring more private funding into this,” he said.

The Prime Minister also said that the private fund would provide the PM with a “buzz” and that the fund was “absolutely” the best option for the Prime minister to raise money.

“I have been told that if we’re able to secure a private investor, we’re going to be able provide the funding to this private fund to keep the PM’s Health Fund going,” he added.

Smith was asked by host Mike Huckabee if the PMCare Fund was “the best way to fund the PM care”.

“Yes, I think it’s the best way,” Smith responded.

“It’s the way to have the best possible access to the PM.

And I think that the best part of this is that it’s private, that it does not have the PM being in charge of the fund.”

“But I do believe that it is the best and the most efficient way to do it,” Smith continued.

“And I think the fact that it takes the PM out of the picture, and it’s a private fund, that’s the great thing about it.”

Smith also said he did not want to talk about the PM in the same breath as “the rest of us” because he “takes care of the rest of the country”.

The Prime Minster also told Huckabee that the PM had been in contact with him several times and that “he’s very pleased” with the “support that he’s received from the private sector”.

Smith said the private funding was “a very exciting opportunity to be part of and I look forward to continuing to be involved with it.”

“I’m very happy with the private investment,” Smith told Huckabee.

“So far, the private money is doing well.”

The PMCareFund is the first time in history that a private sector fund has been used to fund a government program.

The PM has been running the program since December 2015 and in that time, it has raised more than $15 billion.

The funds will help the PM staff to decide whether to provide funding to the fund or not, and the PM is also hoping to make the private contribution to the private health fund more attractive.

The prime minister has repeatedly said he will not use his role in the government to raise private money, instead focusing on the fund.

“If I am elected, I will not be involved in the fundraising of the private funds,” the PM said in November.

“That is for the private healthcare industry to manage,” he told the BBC last month.

“What I am involved in is running the Prime Ministry and the Prime Ministries in a way that the public and private sector can provide the funds for.

So the PM and the Cabinet are responsible for their own funding, and they are responsible to the public.”

“So if they are able to provide private funding, that is their choice,” Smith added.

The new PMCare fund will allow the PM to “focus on delivering a better, more comprehensive system for the health care of Canadians,” the Prime Secretary said in a statement.

We will make this decision in consultation with the Prime Ministers of Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom, and we look forward the Parliament of Canada to have an opportunity to consider this in the coming weeks,” he concluded.

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