Posted October 05, 2018 03:29:37 There’s a small group of people who have been left on the streets of Brooklyn for months, but they are now receiving a small amount of cash from a small fund.

The Brooklyn Park Funds is a new, state-run fund for low-income people in the boroughs, Brooklyn and Queens.

It’s been created with the support of a crowdfunding campaign, and a couple of people are already using the money to pay for their bail.

“It’s just a simple amount of money that we need to help people out,” said Brooklyn Park Fund Executive Director Karen Barger.

The group raised more than $20,000 for the fund in two days.

The funds goal is to cover bail costs for people currently facing eviction, and help them afford bail if necessary.

For people with small amounts of money, the funds help them with things like rent and utility bills.

But for people like Elizabeth Bowers, who had to leave her home and now have nowhere to go, that money isn’t enough.

“If you’re getting eviction and you’re going to get out, I don’t think you can afford bail,” said Bowers.

Elizabeth Bower and her son have been evicted for a number of years, and she has been unable to find work in Brooklyn.

Bowers was recently evicted because she’s a single mother of two children.

She’s unable to afford her rent.

Bower said she is currently living on a few dollars a day, and that’s not enough for her.

“The money’s just not enough,” she said.

Broughton Johnson, a spokesperson for the Brooklyn Park, told Polygon that it will be available to anyone who can contribute a minimum of $5,000 to the Brooklyn Fund.

“We will be making it available to people with minimum contributions of $10,000 or more,” Johnson said.

A spokesperson for Brooklyn Park also said that anyone who makes a minimum contribution of $1,000 will receive a free bail check.

Barger said that the Brooklyn fund is only a small part of the larger community bail fund that is being created across the borough, which is also aimed at people in eviction situations.

“I think the main goal of this fund is to help low-level people, but we want to make sure it’s also there for those who are facing eviction and are in desperate need,” Barger told Polygon.

“That’s the goal of the whole thing.”

Elizabeth Biers family’s eviction was a result of eviction by Brooklyn Park.

Elizabeth has been evading eviction since she was a child.

Elizabeth is currently in the process of paying off her home mortgage, but is still struggling to pay her bills.

Browsers eviction was due to eviction by a Brooklyn Park eviction.

Elizabeth lives in the same apartment complex as her ex-husband.

Banners have been erected around her house, and Elizabeth has had to replace her dog.

Elizabeth’s family, and others in eviction families, have been protesting and raising awareness in the area.

“For us to just be sitting here and doing nothing is just heartbreaking,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth said that she hopes the Brooklyn park funds funds can be used to help her out.

“My biggest concern right now is that my life’s gone,” said Johnson.

“Because I’ve had to go through this and pay off my mortgage and pay the rent and put food on the table, and I have no job and no way to make ends meet.”

Bowers said that even though the fund is for people in her eviction situation, she is worried about the lack of support for those in other situations.

She is worried that the funds may be used for people that need it the most.

“This fund is really a relief,” she told Poly.

“But I want to do something about it.”

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