Next Big Futures – the new platform for investing in stocks – is a new way to look at the stock market and invest in stocks.

Next Big is a partnership between Next Big Finance, the fund’s founders, and a group of investors who want to buy and sell stocks through Next Big Financial.

They’ve already raised over $1.5m for the project, and they’re aiming for a $20m funding round to help accelerate development of Next Big and its software.

“We want to help the world’s first digital platform for stock market trading and investing,” said Ben Hensley, a co-founder of Next BIG.

“The technology is a massive step forward for our industry.

We can now create a platform that’s accessible to everyone, from novice investors to seasoned professionals.”

The fund is using a blockchain, or distributed ledger, to connect its users.

This technology enables users to trade directly with each other, without having to trust third parties.

This approach will enable users to access stock market data, trades and other trading data, without relying on any centralised system.

“Our goal is to create a new market that enables users and institutional investors to access data about stocks in a more frictionless and efficient way,” Hens, from Next Big, told Next Big.

The fund’s website describes Next Big as “the next big investment platform for stocks”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the next big trend in investing.

The site says that Next Big will eventually grow to include “the entire stock market”, but it won’t be a complete replacement for traditional brokerage firms.

“With the recent surge in demand for traditional stock market brokerage firms, we believe it is critical to make the next wave of this revolution a more accessible and frictionless way to access trading data,” the website reads.

NextBig is currently running a beta test of its platform on Next Big’s platform.

However, it’s still early days for the platform, which has been under development for several months.

The team is also looking to raise capital through angel funding to help with the development of the platform.

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