What are the new trends in the fund management sector?

As a hedge fund advisor, I am always excited to see what new trends are emerging in fund management.But my interest has never been the amount of funds invested.Rather, my interest is in understanding what the underlying strategies are and how they can be used.In this series, I have decided to explore some of the […]

How the American Kidney Fund Helped Hedge Fund Executives Pay Off Their Own Mistakes

It’s hard to imagine the hedge fund managers who have been responsible for making money the most over the past decade were sitting on their hands for nearly two years.But, in a nutshell, the American kidney fund was the first hedge fund to lose money on its own investments in the last few months of […]

How much does the hedge fund industry spend on hedge funds?

A key question about the role hedge funds play in the finance industry is how much is the industry paying for their services?A new report from the Centre for Policy Alternatives says hedge funds spend more than a trillion dollars a year on services, but the industry says it spends less.“We think the figure that […]

How to Profit From the Trump Era

The Republican Party is on the verge of losing a presidential election that Donald Trump won in a landslide, a poll finds.The poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University, found that the margin between Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is now 10 points, a result that could spell doom for Republicans.The GOP also has an edge […]

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