What’s going on in Ireland?

Ireland is facing a shortage of emergency funds as it struggles to deal with the fallout from the recent earthquakes, the UK Government has warned.It said that in recent days, a surge in the cost of fuel, as well as a new wave of cancellations due to the earthquakes, have caused it to start issuing […]

How to raise money for Southwest’s travel fund

A new Southwest Airlines fund is coming online, with more than $20 million earmarked for travelers affected by the wildfires in Oregon.The Southwest Travel Fund will support the cost of travel to and from the Southwest’s two airports in Arizona and Utah, with up to $5,000 per person.The fund will also support flights for up […]

The $2.5 million bounty for anyone who can find a man who ran a successful restaurant

article This is a story about a bounty for a man with no business and an outstanding resume who is believed to have run an impressive restaurant.It’s also a story of a man whose resume was built on a lie, and one who has had a very, very rocky road to success.The man has been […]

When Will Americans Go Back to the Cafeteria?

Americans are on their way back to the food cart, a staple of their lives.They are making new friends, buying groceries and making new friendships in the process.They’re even getting some back on their plates.But for the first time in the last 20 years, the United States will have no public transportation, a reality that […]

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