How to spend your money on the new Netflix series “House of Cards”

You’ve just spent $80 on the newest installment of “House Of Cards,” which you’ve probably seen or read somewhere.Or maybe it’s on a gift card from your bank.The Netflix series has attracted an impressive amount of attention on the internet, with fans posting about their experiences watching the new episodes.What if, instead of waiting for […]

When is Mega Capital Funding the next big thing?

The mega-capital funding market is in a bubble, and it could be the next financial technology to take off.The tech industry is full of promising startups, and the first to emerge from the boom will likely be one of the first, if not the first.Investment guru and investor Mattel CEO Mattel acquired digital toys and […]

Why do we need a TIKTOK creator fund?

The TIKLK fund was created by TIKI to provide a mechanism to finance the creation of new and innovative travel destinations for young people in remote and developing regions.It is the only such fund in Australia.A spokesperson for the Territory Government said the fund would fund the construction of new destinations for Aboriginal and Torres […]

When Will Americans Go Back to the Cafeteria?

Americans are on their way back to the food cart, a staple of their lives.They are making new friends, buying groceries and making new friendships in the process.They’re even getting some back on their plates.But for the first time in the last 20 years, the United States will have no public transportation, a reality that […]

Unclaimed Funds Nj: How To Invest In New Jersey’s Biggest New Asset

Unclaimed funds (UFs) are an important asset class in the New Jersey real estate market.They are small-dollar investments that can be converted into larger assets or even a property.Here are four ways to take advantage of these funds: Investing in a UF is not as simple as simply transferring the money from your 401(k) to […]

CME Group is launching a $200 million fund aimed at US investors who want to buy bitcoin, VC firm says

CME, the biggest exchange by trading volume in the US, has launched a $20 million fund to buy into bitcoin companies, with a goal to eventually invest $200m.CME said it has also started to take a stake in several bitcoin-related startups, including BitShares, which aims to build a payment gateway.Its announcement came after CME announced […]

Fox News: Venture capital fund to help fund PM care fund

Fox News host Shepard Smith announced Wednesday that a venture capital fund would be dedicated to funding the Prime Minister’s Health Care Fund.The fund will help support PMO staff to make decisions about the funding of the PM Care Fund, Smith said.“There are no easy answers for the PMO, but this is a good way […]

Why the Brownfield Fund is helping fund the Brownfields, writes Michael Moore

A new Brownfield fund has emerged to help fund the development of the Brown Fields, the massive site of the old Manchester city centre.Brownfield Fund was launched on Monday by the City of Manchester and has raised £30m to support the development project.City of Manchester Chief Executive Officer, Simon Treloar, said the fund would be […]

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