Vanguard’s new fund: It’s a cash cow for Southwestern Funds

As a Southwestern Fund employee, you’ve probably seen headlines about the funds’ ability to help small businesses with a cash flow problem, such as the need to replace equipment, equipment that isn’t being paid for, or money that can be used for hiring or retraining.This fund is designed to help these businesses.But unlike other funds […]

The new perspective fund: What’s it all about?

Updated April 30, 2018 07:37:38 A new fund that invests in hedge funds is on the horizon, but there are some key differences between hedge funds and traditional funds.Key points: The new fund is called Hedge Fund Performance Fund and it aims to make returns as high as possible by focusing on individual stocks hedge […]

CMC Funding: Most CDN Bond Funds Are Overvalued

The following is an excerpt from the Best Bond Funds 2018 Report, released by the American Bankers Association on Wednesday. The CMC Fund, which invests in CDN bond funds and ETFs, was recently added to the Best 100 Bond Funds list.The fund’s investment grade rating is BB- with a $5,000 risk premium.The average return is 20.2%, […]

U.S. travel funds brokepoints after Philadelphia bail fund collapse

An Amtrak ticket to Philadelphia cost $3.20 to $3,700 last year.A trip from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore would run you $3.,600, according to Amtrak data.Traveling with Amtrak was supposed to be cheaper this year, but the Northeast Corridor has been hit hard by the financial crisis, which has reduced ridership and left the nation with […]

How to use your money to grow your wealth in the crypto space

The value of cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing and, as a result, there’s been a surge in interest in using the currency as a means of funding the growth of wealth.This has resulted in a growing amount of interest in the world of crypto-currencies.But what exactly are they?How can you get started investing in crypto-currency?The key is […]

A Midland County School District Board member is suing for wrongful termination

Midland, Texas (CNN) A Midlanders school district board member is taking aim at a controversial fund that funds public school construction and renovation projects in the region, saying it has been used for partisan purposes.The Midland Independent School District is seeking to block the fund from being used by the Texas Education Agency to pay […]

US regulators to audit Jausa Funds, a hedge fund, as part of wider probe

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is launching an investigation into the fund managers at a hedge funds group that has been linked to a major New York City fire, the agency announced on Wednesday.The New York-based Jausas Funds was created in 2013 by two former executives of one of the hedge funds that collapsed […]

How to make a ‘free’ school for all by 2025

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you know the story of the “free” education that the Gates Foundation is giving away to every kid in America.We have a lot of stories about schools that were originally meant to help children in need.But now, as we learn more about the effects of inequality, […]

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